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  Yoga 4 Fellas
Yoga at the Footy

Whether you play the game or you’re simply a footy-voyeur, I will show you how yoga can be directly applied to the world of footy. I’ll also explain why the people that invented yoga were obviously Arsenal fans.

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  Yoga for Punch-ups

You go down the match one day and you notice that you just ain’t in the mood for a punch-up. Next minute there’s 20 Chelsea scum on your back. What you gonna do ? Simple- the Ancient Yogic Punch-up manoeuvre !



  headers, headstands and headbutts   Headers, Headstands & Headbutts

A lot of people reckon that footballers ain’t too clever. The thing is they weren’t born like that. They’ve just lost too many brain cells from heading the ball every twenty minutes. What they need to do is send some spare braincells into their mug by using the ancient yogic art of the headstand



  on the mobile   Goal Celebrations

As we all know, footballers spend most of their time in training practicing their goal celebrations. Here, I’ll show you some yoga inspired ones.



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