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  Yoga 4 Fellas
Yoga with the Missus

Aka Trev’s guide to the Kama Sutra

It don’t matter whether you’re married, got a girlfriend or even a bit on the side. Chances are there’s some bird somewhere giving you a bit of grief. Now them yoga people were very sympathetic to the plight of the modern geezer and they’ came up with lots of ways to get the missus off your back and onto hers !

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Nine times out of ten, when the missus opens her mouth it’s to make you do something or to shout how you did something else wrong. Don’t just sit there like a muppet..use the secret yoga practice of the Mudra to make sure it all falls on deaf ears.





  The Silky Handshake

You may only get some bedroom action off the missus on your birthday, but there’s a number of yoga moves that you can employ to put her in the mood for some rumpy-pumpy. Obviously she’ll complain at first, but once you get her going, she won’t wanna stop. And she’ll be well impressed that you finally thought of something other than the missionary position.



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