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  Yoga 4 Fellas
Yoga in the Motor

It don’t matter where you are or what you’re doing- Yoga can be of assistance in any situation. Even when you’re doing 70mph on the M25.

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You’re driving down Clapham High Street, when you spot a gorgeous, buxom woman walking towards you. How are you gonna grab her attention and make her come over for a chat? Simple- by using what them yoga people call- “a mantra”.



  Dealing with Road Rage   Dealing with Road Rage

Some days you spend more time stuck on the North Circ than you do in the pub-and that’s a crime against humanity! Needless to say you’ll be chain-smoking Embassy’s to deal with the pressure - but what happens when you run out of fags? Answer –use the ancient yogic breathing technique called “pranayama." ( NB-this can be practiced with or without your fags !).



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