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  Yoga 4 Fellas
Yoga For Builders

No matter whether you are a plasterer, carpenter, brickie or even a scaffie- Yoga for Builders is the new lifestyle choice for builders thoughout the country. Invite me down to your site and I will enlighten you:

  • How you can drastically increase your income and get new clients by learning “yoga-speak”
  • How to intersperse numerous “yoga-breaks” in your day without the foreman moaning that you’re skiving off
  • How many fags it’s reasonable to smoke during a Yoga 4 Builders session
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The Builder’s Bum Pose

Are you displaying the correct amount of builder’s crack when you’re at work? Not sure? Then use the ancient yogic posture of OOT-an-Arsana to get it right.


  builders asleep  

The Pose of the Builder’s Afternoon

How to deal with the stress of the afternoon’s work schedule once you’re back from the (mandatory) lunchtime visit to the Pub.


  on the mobile   Yoga on the Mobile

Given that a builder needs to be on the blower at every given opportunity- you’re never gonna make it down a regular yoga class where they make you switch your phone off. That’s why in Yoga 4 Builders we’ve come up with Yoga on the Mobile- so that you can practice all your yoga moves while you're shooting the breeze with potential customers, your mates or even her indoors.


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